Weighing is a method for determining weight and for over 40 years Shekel has been doing exactly this.

Since successfully converting mechanical weighing to digital weighing, Shekel has become a global leader and one of the few companies in the world with expertise and core R&D in load cells weighing technology. Shekel weighing technology is concentrated in three highly regulated market segments – healthcare, retail and industrial.

Load cells are at the core of Shekel’s high-precision weighing technology. The members of the Shekel team are pioneers in the field of load cells and force measurements. The team has developed load cell solutions for static and dynamic weighing applications for the medical, retail and industrial and industries. Shekel’s patented electronic load cell solution provides superior weighing performance and revolutionary fastest stabilization time with very low profile. Modern communication technology assures that information is quickly and accurately processed.

 As a driving force in digital weighing technology, Shekel offers breakthrough solutions to meet the challenges with an impressive global intellectual property portfolio.

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